Here goes nothing… I have been planning on getting back to writing (about anything really) for a long time. I could not even remember when was the last time I wrote about something. Previously, our sites have been hacked and all the posts I created got lost. That is all in the past now and what matters more is the present. No merit in feeling sorry for myself and moping about a website that got compromised (I think I only have less than 10 blog posts in there).

This first post will not be complete without me thanking or just recognizing all the people, articles, art works that inspired (pushed is probably the better word here) to get back to writing again. Special thanks to Chase Jarvis (30 Days of Genius was really inspirational and insightful); Steven Pressfield (for the War of Art which I have not finished reading yet but every page really strikes a chord with me); Jake Parker (for encouraging other artists to try to patiently work on their craft); The Players Tribune (for the personal articles contributed by athletes); and many more.

It is a new dawn (shout out to my daughter). I am hoping, crossing my fingers and praying that I can continue this endeavor consistently. I do not know how is this going to play out but I just want to pour out all the thoughts wandering inside my head (although most of the time it is empty).

I thought I would have more to say. I am just glad (feels liberating) that I got over the first hump. I beat Resistance this time (War of Art reference). On to the next!

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