Goodbye February, hello March. Coincidentally, it is also the first day of Lent. Catholics, devoted and non-devoted alike attend mass to get ashes on their forehead (got one a while ago). Time to repent on our sins, reflect and as the priest’s homily (sorry Father, I don’t even know your name) mentioned, “give up” something that will transform us into better human beings (no penalties given to those who don’t participate). I kind of given up on making New Year’s resolutions because of the simple fact that year after year, I make promises only to break or forget about them after a week or so. This time though, I will try (if I am able to keep it, I am not yet sure) to change the outcome. No, actually I am calling it now. I will shun social media during lent!

What I want to give up is really a no-brainer, easy-peasy choice. I am guilty of checking social media multiple times a day from the time my phone wakes me up in the morning to the late evening when my eyes could no longer stay open and sleep finally takes over. I will probably write more about social media in the future but I want this post to be about my determination to stay true to my word against all odds. I am also doing this to somehow get back on the road. I kind of went off the designated ski area and wander aimlessly through the back country. I noticed that I am praying less frequently now.

My hope is that after this season of abstinence that I will, just like in today’s Ash Wednesday sermon, realize that I do not need social media (or at least I should not spend a whole lot of time browsing through them). That I become spiritually rejuvenated (Darwin 2.0) and hopefully deflect all the temptations that will try to derail me from the right path.

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