He Is Risen

Happy Easter to every one, whether you are just in it for the egg hunts, feasts or if you tried to give up something during Lent. I don’t usually do this (proclaiming to the world what I did or am doing) but I am creating this post specifically to give myself a pat on the back for not logging in and checking my Facebook and Instagram accounts for 40 days. It was hard at first but it got better as the days wore on. I was able to prove to myself that it is ok to not know what is going on with the people in your social media circles. Before this, I checked Facebook and Instagram SEVERAL times a day. I put emphasis on the word several because I meant it to be all the time in between everything that I do. While watching TV, working, watching over my daughter, talking to my wife, eating.. you get the whole picture. It is taking over my life and what do I actually get from it? I get comments, messages, likes, emojis, photos, memes, articles, etc.

I would say this though, kudos to the people behind these types of softwares/apps as they got me and a couple billion other users hooked and addicted to their platform. The ones who invented the ‘infinite scroll’ where you will not run out of posts to check have indeed brilliant minds. The unsurprising targeted ads that show you related goods and services that you might have checked out previously or availed are sneakily ingenuous ways of unconsciously urging you buy a new shoe again (guilty as charged!). I can go on and on about these ‘programming your brain’ (got this term from 60 Minutes) tactics to get people to use your product but it all boils down to the person’s will. It is totally up to us if we are going to buy in to the gimmicks presented to us. But more props to people who does not need social media (or accounts for that matter) to validate themselves or what they do in the form of likes/followers; who value face-to-face conversations over IMs/DMs.

I don’t condemn social media. I think it can do a lot more good than bad. I would just like to spend more time doing other things than checking my social media accounts and the people i know or follow. I am also hoping that I can continue to build on this experience to give up something in my life (not only because I wanted to give up something for Lent) in order to make myself a better person. That I would rather enjoy my time with my family fully with no interruptions. That I would rather be addicted to writing blog posts that pique my interest than being addicted to posting nonsense on social media. Lastly, that I may rise too like Jesus Christ, to overcome all the present and future obstacles in my life.

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