Yesterday, I was planning on participating in Inktober. For those who does not have a clue what Inktober is, it is basically a ‘thing’ done by artists where they draw something every day during the month of October. So INK (you draw something) + TOBER (October without the first two letters) = INKTOBER. You are welcome!

Anyway, there is also an official Inktober list where there is a different theme of what you need to draw every day (where I found most artists do not really follow or even care about). So, the theme yesterday was ‘divided’. I was trying to think of something to draw and even googled (I know, many people, myself included tend to google anything that comes to mind) images related to the theme. I was leaning towards drawing land that is torn into two by an earthquake but for some reason I was not quite sold on what I wanted to draw (either that or I just could not draw that well).

While at it, I overheard some stories about an incident that happened in Las Vegas. I don’t really follow or watch news so I was clueless on what actually happened south of the border. Since I was not going anywhere with my Inktober attempt, I googled ‘Las Vegas incident’ (funny how Google the company is being increasingly used as a verb with every passing day). I clicked the first result (as generated by Google’s algorithm to be the most relevant based on my search parameters not that anyone cares) and after just reading the first paragraph, my heart sank (literally and figuratively). I was not sure how I got through the full document. There were a lot of testimonials from the people who were able to survive the horrendous event and unfortunately have to narrate what happened to them to various reporters and media representatives.

This was not anything new. Every day somewhere around the world, these types of events happen in one form or another. What is different is that this is the first time where I actually reference an actual current event. I don’t know if that is just me maturing (It’s about time!) or it is just hard not to feel sorry about what happened to the ones that were in the venue but especially to the family left behind by the ones who were not so lucky.

I know writing about the incident is not enough and will not do anything to change the outcome but know that I genuinely thought about all the victims. I hope that I can help in a more impactful way next time another tragedy occurs. May this event light a burning desire within us to come up with better procedures, measures, practices and laws that will lessen (and prevent) like misfortunes from happening again. May it bring us closer to each other and go out of our way to help one another get through this.

During these times of cRISEs, may we rise to continue to live and become better versions of ourselves.

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