Begin Again

You are probably thinking why I chose the title above. I could not really come up with anything and I just went with that simple phrase just to get it over with. And in case you are wondering, I am not referencing the movie with the same title. If it does not ring any bell, it is the movie starring Adam Levine and Keira Knightley. Yes, I watched it. It is an ok movie but my biggest problem with it was they should have gotten a different male lead.

I am sorry to disappoint you this early but my posts will not have a lot of Hollywood references.

This is indeed another new beginning. The words are just not coming to me but I am continuing this anyway. I have racked my brain on what will be the common theme of my blog. I could not decide on what it will be. I feel like there is some invisible force preventing me from forming words that make sense. Or maybe I am just being delusional?

The truth is I just have a lot of excuses. That’s it. If I really want to, I should find a way to regularly write about anything. A lot of planning but nothing really comes out of it. I sometimes have a lot of ideas on what to write about in my head but they do not really materialize. They were just thoughts that quit and wander away because I did not nurture and write them down.

I just hope that by being too hard on myself that something beautiful comes out of this. That someday, I may touch at least one person through my posts in a positive way.

That it’s ok that you haven’t found your calling yet at 33 years old.

That it’s ok that you think you are not good at pouring your heart out in writing but you do it anyway.

That it’s ok to encounter backlash from other people if they have a different point of view than yours.

Note to self: Nothing is certain in life. Stay humble, keep pushing and moving forward. A millimeter of improvement is better than being stagnant. I got this!

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